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A visual brand is one that connects ideas and concepts to a brand using videos, images and other graphic cues. -  Tara Hornor

I believe that video is the storytelling medium of our generation and that there’s no more powerful way to convey your message online than with creative video branding.

I’ve produced more than hundred videos and teasers since I began my business adventures in SEJERSEN kbh back in the Summer of 2011, and I’ve worked for companies such as Sony Music, Wonderful Copenhagen and HP.
If I can help you with anything, from video productions to viral marketing strategies or photography, please contact me at anytime.

Best Regards,

Creative Director / Owner

Rasmus G. Sejersen | SEJERSEN kbh

Me on a bike.

Me on a bike The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine. - John Howard.
Me (1986).